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Bridal Makeup

$100 Bridal Consultation  (My Location)


$120 Natural Bridal Makeup


$140 Glam Bridal Makeup 


Bridal Party Makeup 

$100 Per Person


*Bridal makeup will be done on location such as the venue or hotel. 

*Additional fees are required for touch ups and/ or wanting me to stay for the wedding.

*Destination Weddings, anything outside of Las Vegas, NV, will have to accommodate air fair and 

hotel stay.

 *Travel/Parking fee is $30 in Las Vegas within ten miles/ $45 over ten miles/ $50 Henderson and can be paid the day of your service. 

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Full Face Makeup

$100 Natural Makeup with Complimentary Lashes (60 minutes)   


$125 Glam Makeup (90 minutes)

I.E. Bottom lashes, glitter, glitter cut crease, cut crease, heavy contour, tattoo cover-up (pricing may vary with tattoo cover up, depending on size and number of tattoos). 


Glam Group Makeup Services 

$100 Per Person


 *Travel/Parking fee is $30 in the Las Vegas area/ $35 in Henderson 

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One On One Lessons

Want to learn to beat your own face? Take a MakeupByMyia one on one lesson!


Individual lessons

-$200 (2 hours) 

- Brow Filling and sculpting

-Eye Shadow Techniques (your choice of technique) 

-Foundation Application 

-Lash application 

-Product recommendation 

-Question and Answers 


-$400 (4 hours) 

- Brow Filling and sculpting

-Eye Shadow Techniques  

-Foundation Application  

-Highlighting and Contouring 

- Winged liner 

-Lash application 

-Product recommend







Hands on Group Lessons (5 min/15 max) 

-4 hour lesson $200/pp 


*one on one lessons do require you to bring your makeup bag 


Make up and Mimosas (5 min/20 max)

-2 hour live demonstration with model $95/pp

You will watch Myia do a live demonstration on a model. 

*Location provided by client 


-Question and Answers and more...

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The Myia Effect

The Myia Effect is designed for upcoming or aspiring makeup artists looking to master their skills in full face makeup application on clients. You will bring a model of your choice.

This course is 5 hours ( Can be broken down into two sessions)

- Brow Filling and sculpting

-Eye Shadow Techniques  

-Foundation Matching 

-Highlighting and Contouring 

- Winged liner 

-Lash application 

-Product recommendation for your kits 

-Question and Answers and more...


Course Cost 

$300 with a $100 non refundable deposit) 


The Myia Effect Master Class 

Twice per year this course will be offered in a group setting

$200/pp with a $50 non refundable deposit  (5 hours) 


*dates will be announced via social media 

*Your kit is necessary for this class

*Gift bags, Snacks, and Drinks will be provided 

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MakeupByMyia Policies 

Please be on time!

-Appointments 15 minutes late will be assessed a $15 additional charge. 

- Appointments 30 minutes late will be canceled 



-Deposits are required to secure your appointment 


-Deposits are payable via CashApp, Zelle, or Invoice

-Final payment is due in cash,CashApp, or Zelle   

-For large groups 5+ final payment is due 24 hrs prior as stated in contract   



Allergies or Sensitivity 

If you are allergic to anything, eye sensitivity, or skin sensitivity 

please advise when booking your appointment. 


Thank you so much for choosing MakeupByMyia! 

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